Introducing the iKnow Insight offering

Getting the best business reports and most accurate information requires a comprehensive business intelligence architecture and a robust infrastructure of tools. Once in place business representatives are demanding faster and more accurate reports while project teams and suppliers can barely keep up with the growing demand. This leads to a status quo that prohibits companies […]

Risk Management Best Practices: Communicating the Cost of Poor Data Quality

Data has enormous economic value. A concept, proven by companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, that is obvious. But how do we measure and understand that value?  The simplest way is to consider the cost of acquisition and subsequent improvement – what does it cost to acquire the data and either validate its quality or […]

Analytic/BI Maturity Assessment: Part 3 – Assessment Instruments

In the second blog of this series (Analytic/BI Maturity Assessment: Part 2 – The Assessment Team & Design), I identified three different participant groups and the means to gather their input, including: Executive Interviews. Conducted correctly, executive interviews provide valuable insight into the vision and direction of your organization and the impact information and IT‐ […]

TM1 Best Practices Series: TM1 and CDM Integration

With the recent release of IBM’s Cognos Disclosure Management and Analysis (CDMA) licensing bundle, more clients are moving towards a combined IBM CDM and TM1 solution to support their disclosure management (DM) and management reporting

Python and SPSS: Extending the Anayltic Landscape

In a recent client engagement, our team was asked to establish a method to identify and report on deviations of normal file activity. This blog will examine the use of Python as a middleware application that deconstructs SPSS Statistics output into data components that are loaded into an MS SQL database and are then viewed […]

Cognos Business Intelligence Project Planning

Companies that have poor requirements gathering practices often suffer from delayed project deliverables or even worse, poor user adoption. In many cases, the source of the problem can be found by looking at how the project was initialized.