Data Science

Who are we?

Data Science is an independent division of iKnow Solutions that will help your organization in deploying a solution tailored to your specific needs, based on advanced and predictive Big Data analytics. We are technology-agnostic. Our priority is to build the best possible solution for you, whether based on an open source software (OSS) ecosystem or Off-the-Shelf solutions. We will propose the best mix of technology, and train your staff on the necessary skills so you can harness the power of data analytics in your organization. As part of iKnow Solutions, we collaborate with other teams in the company, such as Information Management, Business Analytics and Software Engineering & Development. Therefore, we can go beyond Data Science and deliver an automated, API-driven, end-to-end solution from data collection, integration, to visualization, operationalization and roll-out.

Our Philosophy

Data Science is the talk of the town and with good reason; in the right hands it can drive real business value that traditional analytics can’t match. But how do you ensure that your initiative will deliver on the promise of this exciting new field?

Uniquely, we can deliver all the core elements required to make Data Science work in your business: advanced analytic and coding skills; deep knowledge of cutting-edge algorithms and tools; business insight and experience in understanding the customer’s business; the ability to identify opportunities where data can help to improve processes and increase revenue; critically, the skills and experience in conveying actionable insights to customers.

Our deep expertise in a host of industry standard technologies allows us to focus the conversation with our clients on delivering value and choosing the best tool for the job instead of pursuing a technology-driven approach. Our focus lies on end-to-end solutions, starting with gaining a robust understanding of our client’s needs, gaining and communicating key business insights, and helping to deploy new methods and technologies.

Deep analytics is only as good as the quality of the data it is applied to. With many years of experience in delivering projects involving all aspects of data management, we can guarantee high-quality and seamless integration of our Data Science projects into new or existing data infrastructures.

Data Scientists are a scarce resource and few companies starting on the path of better utilizing data will find the need of hiring a full-time Data Science resource. Our services help you along the journey to become truly data driven, from the implementation of your first models to providing training and advice further along the way to build in-house expertise.

The Benefits

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Offer Enterprise-wise insights
  • Improve and automate business decisions
  • Cross channel market awareness 

Our Services

  • Business-driven identification of Data Science use cases
  • Clearly conveying actionable insights derived from data
  • Deployment of models and methods to a production environment
  • Advisory and training of in-house resources
  • Integration of deep analytics into new or existing data infrastructure 

Our Technology Expertise

These are the core technologies we work with:

  • Python, R, SQL
  • Hadoop, Spark
  • TensorFlow, Keras
  • Neo4j

We can implement our solutions on premise or in the cloud. For getting an overview of the full list of Technologies we have worked with, click here.