Data Warehouse and Data Reservoir

Our Philosophy

A data repository is an imperative part of any organizations information infrastructure. However, the pitfalls of data warehouse or data reservoir programmes are deep and many. To truly unleash the power of information you need strong engagement from the business, first-class leadership, architectural excellence and expert-level product knowledge.

You need consultants who are business-savvy, can work in complex multi-vendor environments, and who are knowledgeable in data quality, integration and analytics but who also understand the importance of unified, governed metadata. Above all you need experience, hard-won in multiple complex projects across industries. To truly understand the cost of a programme decision today you need to have the experience of the consequences of those decisions.

Our team of expert consultants brings real depth of experience and the diverse skills needed for your data programme. We have over 50+ years’ of collective experience working with mid-size and enterprise scale customers across all industries. We can bring leadership to help formulate strategy and business case development. We also bring agile methodologies and automation to the world of data to achieve consistent progress and business value from the outset.

The Unique Bit

The combination of experienced consultants and our accelerator solution on top of IBM’s InfoSphere platform enables us to quickly deliver tailored solutions to each specific customer situation. 

The Benefits

  • Single trusted view
  • Drive new business solutions
  • Ready-for-analysis data
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved data quality
  • Support for operational processes
  • Reduced cost of data related problems

 Our Services

  • Strategy and Business Case Guidance
  • Architectural Review
  • Governance Maturity Assessment
  • Governance Strategy and Advisory
  • Data Quality Strategy and Advisory
  • On Premise/Off Premise Strategy
  • Data Warehouse and Data Reservoir Implementation
  • Governance Implementation
  • Data Quality Implementation
  • Cloud Implementation Services
  • Education and Enablement 

Our Technology Expertise

  • IBM Information Server (Data Integration, Data Quality)
  • IBM Information Governance Catalog
  • IBM Optim Data Privacy
  • IBM Information Analyzer
  • IBM PureData System for Analytics
  • IBM BigInsights
  • IBM Data and Process Industry Models
  • Hadoop