Enterprise Analytics

Our Philosophy

Experience is everything in Enterprise Analytics. And experience tells us that tools and technology are only part of the story of successful analytics initiatives.

Successful analytics initiatives are supported by a solid information management foundation based on governance, security, integration, and master data management. iKnow has unique capabilities to build this foundation by leveraging our methodologies, prebuilt accelerators, and solutions. iKnow Solution’s project experience and expertise deliver this foundation faster, more cost effectively and with less risk.

Once the foundation is in place, we align the technology to the business through our Enterprise Analytics capabilities. iKnow Solutions has enabled our customer’s sales, marketing, operations and financial performance management to be more efficient, cost effective and agile. We integrate this foundation with predictive analytics, big data, performance management, business information and operational insight solutions to create meaningful growth and control for our customers.

Our experienced business consultants and technical experts have the industry knowledge and technical depth to drive the value in your analytics initiative. If you’re asking these questions then we can help:

  • How can better analytics help us to attract and retain new customers?
  • Can I improve insight into operational risk? How can analytics help me manage this risk for strategic advantage
  • How can I get more bang for my marketing and sales buck
  • How do I address the new commercial paradigms such as social commerce? My customers behave differently, talk among themselves and buy differently – how should I talk to them?
  • How can I create and deliver innovative new products as fast as my competitors?
  • As the speed of business increases how do I capture and analyse the right data?
  • How can I reduce the cost of investigating financial crime? How can I reduce false positives?
  • What is the next best customer action?


The Unique Bit

Our people – the strength of our analytical capabilities – building analytical success from first class information management foundations

The Benefits

  • Drives more value from an organisation’s data
  • Unlocks customer insight
  • Increased revenue through up sell, cross sell
  • Fraud detection
  • Increased operational effectiveness
  • Management and governance of multiple APIs
  • Enables new business scenarios e.g. mixing graphical and social data

Our Services

  • IBM i2 Suite
    • Implementation
    • Health Check
    • Analyst For Hire
    • Fast Start Services
  • Predictive Customer Intelligence:
    • Strategy and Advisory
    • Architectural Review
    • Implementation
    • Business Case
  • Analytics Warehouse Services
    • Implementation
    • Optimisation
    • Rapid Analytics Assessment
  • Intelligent Operations Centre
    • Strategy and Advisory
    • Implementation
    • Use Case consulting
  • API Management
    • Strategy and Advisory
    • Implementation
    • Use Case consulting
  • Education and Enablement
  • BI Health Check

Performance Management Health Check