Senior Consultant Information Management and BI

As a consultant at iKnow Solutions you have the opportunity to raise questions and discover answers as a team. iKnow Solutions has a culture of innovative knowledge both as a team and in cooperation with customers. You will become part of a team of very clever people who appreciate the openness, flexibility and excellent work place environment. We hire people who have a passion for technology and who love to share their knowledge with their colleagues and our customers. At iKnow Solutions, we foster this collaborative working atmosphere and even contribute socially to create great workplaces.

• Excellent business and customer understanding
• Excellent oral and written presentation skills in Norwegian and English
• Excellent knowledge and experience with various data warehouse architectures and advantages and disadvantages of each individual
• Ability to realize business needs and the knowledge to turn those needs into technical solutions
• Ability to familiarize themselves with new tools and technologies quickly, and enjoy learning

• Pragmatic approach to complex challenges
• Good cooperation and communication abilities
• Delivery of solutions and results-oriented
• Curious about new technologies and new applications

• Ability to work with clients who are well advanced in relation to technology
• Ability to work with new technologies like Hadoop, SPARK and Machine Learning
• Access to training through partners like IBM, Paxata, Neo4j and Cloudera
• Ability to work in projects where you have great impact because of your technical expertise
• Flexible working environment and great attitude

Please contact Bernt Dingstad